Monday, August 3, 2015

WHERE'S BOB?!? - A Where's Waldo Inspired Twin Peaks Piece

Here's something I've been working on here & there the last few months. A Where's Waldo inspired Twin Peaks piece...WHERE'S BOB? I may be looking into making this into a 12"x18" print if folks are interested. It was a lot of fun and I have ideas to make a few more Twin Peaks scenes if I can find the time.

For Twin Peaks fans, you'll see some familiar faces in the Black Lodge with a ton of Special Agents thrown in. Have fun searching!


My twin brother, Cody, & I are working hard getting ready our first shared art exhibit called THERE ARE TWO OF ME. The exhibit will have new pieces from us and is taking place in our hometown of Harlingen, TX. It opens Friday evening, September 25th and will run through mid-November.

We have some really fun and creepy pieces for this exhibit and are looking forward to the opening late September. Make the trek to South South Texas if you're feeling adventurous. You can hang out on South Padre Island or take a day-trip to Mexico! But best of all, you can stare at all of our new pieces!

Friday, March 13, 2015


We just wrapped up our FOR THE TITLE kickstarter and it was FULLY FUNDED!  Not only was it fully funded but we hit every stretch goal we set!  Meaning that FOR THE TITLE stickers and more buttons are being made AND...the best part...the book will be HARDCOVER!  If you want to review the kickstarter project page, click here.

I can't thank everyone who backed or shared this thing enough and my buddy, Austin (the writer), and I are so stoked to get this book printed and out there. I'm chugging along on finalizing the book and just waiting for the funds to clear and be deposited so we can ship this baby off to the printer!

Here's the cover of the book. It'll be a 5"x10.5" Garfield-style book and is going to be FUN as HELL!