Monday, August 3, 2015

WHERE'S BOB?!? - A Where's Waldo Inspired Twin Peaks Piece

Here's something I've been working on here & there the last few months. A Where's Waldo inspired Twin Peaks piece...WHERE'S BOB? I may be looking into making this into a 12"x18" print if folks are interested. It was a lot of fun and I have ideas to make a few more Twin Peaks scenes if I can find the time.

For Twin Peaks fans, you'll see some familiar faces in the Black Lodge with a ton of Special Agents thrown in. Have fun searching!


  1. i would reeally love this one in as big resolution possible! would be so cool to print out and with a frame it would looks great on my wall!.
    if you want to mail a high-resolution i would love it!

    1. I now have these prints available at:

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